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Uta No Prince-Sama Episode #12 Anime Review

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Drama and angst from teenage creative musical types? The shock!

What They Say:
Without Tokiya, it seems like the group will never get together again. But even if they do, there’s a good chance that Nanami will be cut out of the picture!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the way the previous episode unfolded in giving time to Hayato/Ichinose to deal with the company president and all that’s going on there, the gang has to come to grips with the revelations about it as Haruka has made things clear. There’s certainly a lot of confusion amongst them and even a sense of betrayal in a way since he had already debuted and was still going through the academy and could have won the spot and fame once again when he already had it. In fact, there’s some additional anger going on here since they learn that Haruka already knew about all of this and are upset that she didn’t tell anyone. Thankfully, they are asked to consider her feelings about things since it’s not exactly something she could easily reveal.

All of this introduces some obviously new tension into the group that’s actually at the academy and it’s understandable. But with everyone having come on board to this group session because of Haruka, that has to be in the back of their mind that they need to continue on and work forward because of that. But it’s the how to do it, knowing what they do about Ichinose and the fact that dropping him from the group at this point is both justified and cruel on different levels and that they may not be able to do what they need to do with just five of them instead of the six. It throws a few different ideas into the mix, all set against the beautiful backdrop that the series has continually used with a sense of magic in the air, and it works well to create the proper mood.

When they get to the full on confrontation, it works surprisingly well overall since he gets to have Haruka on his side and he is so submissive about the whole thing, explaining his reasons with enough emotion and making it clear why he did so in a way that they’d understand. And in a way, I think it was actually educational for the rest of them to hear it because it does show how difficult the music business is even when you are successful. Seeing how they all finally do come together isn’t a surprise, but what kills me with laughter is how things evolve from there as they get their group rolling and the headmaster goes all out with it by creating a debut and naming them Starish. It’s just so over the top – and so bloody presumptuous on his part, it leaves you shaking your head and laughing. And of course, the gang will lap it all up, even Ichinose who should know better by this point.

In Summary:
Despite my issues with the last couple of minutes of the episode, I actually did like a lot of what happened here with how the group dealt with their feelings about Haruka’s revelations and Ichinose’s actual apology and deference to them on things. The group of six, and seven when you formally include Haruka, has managed to use this as a baptism by fire (or is that baptism by angst?) to move forward. The show mostly just continues to make me laugh overall, because it’s most assuredly not meant to be taken seriously (at least by Men of a Certain Age), but it’s at least a very pretty and distinct show visually and has some great incidental music that separates it from the pack.

Grade: B

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