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R-15 Episode #11 Anime Review

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Sometimes I still can’t believe what this show whites out.

What They Say:
Taketo Akutagawa is a high schooler who’s also a genius erotic writer whose work is serialized in the newspaper. He goes to a school where only people with a unique talent (Geniuses) are allowed, Inspiration Academy! A genius clarinet player, a genus mathmatician, a genius hacker and a genius idol, he gets in all kinds of sexy trouble this these crazy people. His fantasies never stop! And what about the love that’s starting to grow there? A taboo crazy academic life is about to start!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Taketo’s life continues to have its fair share of problems as he tries to do the right thing but invariably ends up in awkward situations. Case in point is how he ends up here with Narukara in his bed in just her undergarments and he can’t help but to get embarrassed to look at her and panic. And she’s perfectly content to be there as she smiles pleasantly at him when she wakes up and he’s not even spent the night in bed with her. He’s just standing there. With his genius skill being that of an erotic author, it’s certainly a cute scene to live through but at the same time, the guy has to get less embarrassed about this stuff sometime before it just gets to be too much. He’s gonna pop someday and turn into a hardcore S&M erotic writer instead.

While the school still deals with its competitions, such as the money making thing, a lot of tim eis spent with just getting Taketo and Narukara closer together as he’s so positive with her. She’s unsure of herself even after all that’s gone on in her life and his kindness almost pushes her further on because he’s encouraging her to do things that she deep down doesn’t like. And it’s a pressure that just has her breaking down completely. It’s an odd sequence in general, mostly because Narukara hasn’t been a character that’s connected well for me since the start, especially since she keeps playing the one single song she knows, so having the episode turn so that she’s now ready to withdraw from the academy as a rumor doesn’t exactly make me upset. Taketo? Sure. Me, she can go. More time for Utae.

Naturally, this is all just extra incentive for Taketo to do his damndest as a man to get her back, especially as others are getting emotional about her potentially leaving as well. But Taketo has to man up and really get after her by finding a way for her to open up to everyone rather than withdrawing into herself. While that’s something he’d do, it’s not what Narukara can do at this point. Of course, Taketo’s version of manning up has him writing, but it’s a new kind of challenge for him that’s actually appreciated as he has to use his erotic writing genius to write lyrics for Narukara instead, and to make it something that she’d actually play. That’s certainly not his norm and it gets him to really think about things, both what happened to him in the past and how he thinks other view him.

In Summary:
R-15 started off with a lot of promise but outside of a few glimmers here and there, it’s a show that feels like the original author didn’t quite know how to make it work in an engaging way. Combining that with an average script here and basic but cute characters that are more archetypes/stereotypes than anything else and it feels hollow. It’s the kind of show that could have succeeded just on the pervy aspect but even that has been largely weak and underutilized. And that’s just surprising as well when you get down to it. It has potential to really knock it out of the park, even if just for the more raunchy fans out there, but it still comes across as horribly, horribly tame.

Grade: C

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