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No. 6 Episode #11 Anime Review

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Then end arrives as events in No. 6 unfold in deadly fashion.

What They Say:
Sion and Rat have overcome many difficulties to reach Safu. But once they learn that Safu has merged with Elyurias, Sion becomes enraged. Meanwhile, the people gathered to celebrate the Holy Day have been attacked by a large number of parasite bees. Will No. 6 survive? And what will be the fate of Sion and Rat?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With Sion and Nezumi having made it into the heart of No. 6 in order to rescue Safu, finding that she’s basically become a part of the system in a way has left them stunned. With so much death around them, and with Sion having gone pretty hardcore in order to get there at the very end, it’s a disturbing but appropriate point in time for the show. And with the bugs now flitting throughout the city as part of the attack on No. 6, so many people are dropping like crazy from the disease now that it’s turning into a bloodless bloodbath with the way we see so many bodies all over the place.

In the midst of all of this we have the way Safu, as taken as she is now, explaining things in some basic way to the two before she essentially ejects them from the building so that the grand experiment can play out. It’s one of those moments that I love about anime in that even though it’s been a slow and convoluted way to get here, it has such a haunting beauty and execution at this moment that it’s still captivating. The action that unfolds from it as the forces do their best to take things down as Dogkeeper tries to get in herself to help Nezumi and Sion. But their journey, which had a simple goal of rescuing Safu, has gone so completely off the rails now that it’s turning very badly for them as they take on more and more wounds.

Everything here goes big, but the main problem is that it squandered away the middle portion of the series rather than developing it in a compelling way. If the show had given us the first two or three episodes and the last three episodes, it would have been a great little OVA series that flowed together well and conveyed a story, albeit one with a bit less context to it than we got here. There are some really good moments with this episode both in style, animation and story, but it’s weaker than it could be because of the larger execution problem. It goes big with what No. 6 is up against and those that are trying to bring change, but it failed in making those forces and their stories truly accessible – or even interesting!

In Summary:
No. 6 is a series that started out very strongly for me, even with the time shift in the second episode, but then it ended up being fairly listless with how it handled the time outside of No. 6 between Nezumi and Sion. It reaches for a bigger goal here at the end, but it doesn’t have the support to do it with the way it walked around the true meaning of what’s involved. The ideas here aren’t new to be sure and it has plenty of general resonance, but the heart of it never connected. And the playing up of the relationship between Sion and Nezumi was simple at times and had more read into it by fans than anything else, which is unfortunate. This is a show that made me want to like it with what it offered at the start but it failed to capitalize on it in a big way. The finale has some really good big moments, but it’s all flash with no substance.

Grade: C+

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