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My Ordinary Life Episode #24 Anime Review

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Never feed a sick cat onions. Or a childish professor some chocolate.

What They Say:
Yukko has big news! Mihoshi and Misato share a sister moment. And who does Nano love more?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sometimes people can get so excited that it’s comical with the energy that they have. Case in point is Yukko who has big news herself, though it’s not terribly big in a way, as she wants to share it with Mio about what she saw with Nano. Mio for her part is just sort of disinterested and keeps focusing on her schoolwork instead. Mio does have her big over the top moments, but when she’s calm and collected she’s even more amusing since it’s just so cute. Of course, Mio’s thoughts get out of control as she starts to imagine what the conversation that Nano is having with the teacher is about and it’s over the top romantic style fun that just makes you grin broadly. And, naturally, she goes over the top herself afterwards to great effect.

The smaller stories here don’t resonate quite as well, and Helvetica Standard again leaves me feeling humorless, but there are some good things happening at the Shinonome Laboratories. Nano has such a mother complex when it comes to the Professor that she chides her often and properly, such as when she doesn’t eat the onions in her meal and Nano decides to hold back on desert for her. She wants to use Sakamoto as an example, but things go badly in that direction when Sakamoto reveals that he’s pretty sick. Even worse is when the Professor trie sto get Sakamoto to eat the onions which he’s pretty sure would kill him. Their concern for him is strong and he looks and sounds so pitiful that it is utterly adorable.

What takes it to the next level though is that the Professor tries to play sick in order to get chocolate, which of course Nano is smart enough to realize. The outbursts are comical on her part, especially as she puts herself in the corner. She’s such a child most of the time but there are times when she takes it even further. Another fun moment is when Mio runs across Sasahara unexpectedly and she gets completely flustered by the moment, though he tries to play it cool even as she goes all goofy on him. Her situation goes from bad to worse in a way, all of it done so cinematically, that it’s the kind of scene that just makes you grin foolishly. Especially as he acts so manly about the whole thing with his laugh and general approach, leaving her completely in a bind.

In Summary:
As My Ordinary Life gets closer to the end, it’s getting harder to watch the show because you know how little is left. This episode has some good moments to it, though I wanted a bit more out and out wackiness and physical comedy. It hits some good notes, particularly when it comes to Nano’s home life, but also in other areas. With no opening sequence, it uses the time it has to its best advantage by going with the characters and their silly and fun situations. Yukko and Mio continue to be really fun characters to watch for so many reasons and they’ve changed well at times over the cours eof the show. But the series also handles its smaller and sweeter moments just as well. Mio in particular really offers some great moments here, right up to the end when she does a bit of sketching of her own as well. It’s just adorable and leaves you wanting more.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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