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‘X-Men: First Class’ Continuity Problems Explained Cleanly

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X-Men: First Class certainly did what it set out to do in reviving the franchise in a risky way by going back to the 60’s and telling an origin story after we sort of already had one in varying degrees through the previous trilogy that was done as well as the X-Men Origins: Wolverine feature. With the general health of the feature, sequels are pretty much a certainty at this point (though we’re all still waiting to hear…) but that leads to some other problems if you’re trying to connect what could be two trilogies. Continuity issues are the norm across projects like this, but as we saw with First Class, they’re even bigger in some ways because things contradict each other so much that it’s just crazy. And unfortunate in a way that they can’t be connected to what Marvel Studios themselves are doing in their universe building exercise with their movies.

IGN has put together a new video that highlights all these continuity problems, including some you may have forgotten about while watching (and enjoying) the feature itself.

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