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Kamisama Dolls Episode #10 Anime Review

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When in doubt, add new female cast member to the mix.

What They Say:
A new Seki has appeared, and she has a giant crush on Kyohei! But she’s nasty and mean-tempered to everyone else, and she may just be the most dangerous seki yet. Meanwhile, Aki is called to the offices of a certain diet member, who has big plans for the Kakashi and Karakami Village…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Kamisama Dolls’ adaptation of the manga continues and does put in some worrying concerns about the season ending on a good note in a complete way, or at least to a certain conclusion, since there’s always a chance there won’t be more. With this episode, we get the full on introduction of Mahiru, another Seki like Utao who adds some confusion to the mix as she’s a very outgoing young woman that’s like a slightly older version of Utao but a bit more aware of the world. And that awareness comes in the form of Mahiru being beholden to Kyohei and wanting nothing but him. And to make matters worse, she has a bit of a persecution complex and acts out on it rather easily, such as when she calls in her doll to make a point.

This leads to a rather spirited fight overall since Mahiru has some skills to her and she’s intent on not being ignored and taken back anywhere. Infighting is the name of the game within this series though as it seems like anyone who has access to these dolls invariably has some superiority complex when it comes to dealing with others. What’s amusing with her though is that when she does finish out that situation and returns to Hirashiro, it’s at the same time that Aki is there discussing his plans. It’s almost comical when she arrives there as it’s pretty much through a wall and that leads to a fight between the two since she does have the superiority complex thing going and that just pushes Aki even more towards trying to put her in her place. Which is exactly what she wants to do. The two are definitely well suited for each other.

A lot of all of this has to do with longstanding family rivalries between the Hyuga and Kuga clans as we do get some flashback material (again) that shows Aki, Mahiru and Kyohei when they were much younger and using their Kakashi for both training and a bit of bullying. There’s an amusing adventure that they get into, but it turns incredibly serious and has a lot of great action to it and some of the best animation of the series as well. While the show has a lot of slow moments and seemingly lazy approach to getting to the point, when it hits on an action sequence it goes all out in a big way. With this showing what the trio were capable of back when they were kids, it’s pretty impressive and really shows the level of skill, luck and power that they have in hand.

In Summary:
As Kamisama Dolls gets close to the end of its season, there’s a whole lot to like here but still that sense of “so what” associated with it all as the overriding story of the season still feels largely unclear. The use of Mahiru here adds a new wrinkle to things and it’s all made clearer with the look into the past with how the trio operated together at one point where things went horribly, horribly wrong. How it ties into the present fully remains to be seen but you can see the last impact it’s had on all of them to different degrees. It broke Kyohei and it turned Mahiru into a very devoted person. Like most of the series, it offers up a lot of interesting things here and I love the animation, character designs and the concepts, but it’s still having a hell of a time pulling itself into a coherent story. Plus, this episode needed more Hibino.

Grade: B

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