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Yuru Yuri Episode #10 Anime Review

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Some bloody noses can be truly epic.

What They Say:
She says, “I am student council president Matsumoto Rise. Nice to meet you.” Oh, and I’m science teacher Nishigaki Nana. I’m always looking for new explosion buddies…. What? You’re lonely because the second years are away on their school trip? Don’t worry, I’ll stir up some ruckus for you…. No, I’ll make some tea. It’s not bad getting a change of pace from my experime—BOOOOM!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
School trips can be one of the fun parts of a show like this since it lets us see the characters outside of their normal environment and have different kinds of interactions. With this show, where the cast has a lot going on amongst all the characters, it’s not quite as big a switch up, but it’s one that at least puts them in a new locale which allows for some fun. With this field trip, they’re able to do some of the basic kinds of Japanese History sightseeing that we’ve seen in countless other shows, but the fun comes from the character combinations and the slight naughtiness of it all with what Kyoko gets herself involved with from time to time in dark rooms with other students. Things that, quite frankly, we believe when she says she can’t help it.

Kyoko so knows how to mess with Ayano and she does it repeatedly here, including suggesting that she’s asking for bigger boobs from the Buddha statue which sets Ayano off. Thins like this are common for Kyoko since she knows all the right buttons to push. And it gets others like Chitose to get some fantasy time in and plenty, plenty, plenty of nosebleeds. And while the show is about the trip, it does know to spend a good part of its time in the “Japanese-style” inn that they’re all staying at. Like a lot of other shows, you rarely see anyone else from the school outside of the main characters so this plays to form in that they have easy access to the big indoor bath and hot springs and everything associated with it. It lets them act completely as they want, which is fun, but it’d be nice to see that they’re not the only people in the world as well.

The shopping side of it is cute too as both Kyoko and Ayano have completely skewed ideas of what to get for friends, especially since in Kyoko’s case they’d have to break it to share it. Kyoko’s overeating is pretty legendary here as well, but it’s comical to see that even that doesn’t stop her from participating in the fun of a pillow fight. Kyoko’s personality is pretty strong in general and this is no exception as she does her best to win and to get everyone involved. And wearing less. She’s such a catalyst for events that you can’t help but laugh at her and at the way that Chitose’s vision of things takes Kyoko’s personality a few steps further than that. It makes for a comical time for all here as they experience the simplicity that is a school trip.

In Summary:
Yuru Yuri has a pretty fun episode here overall that takes the girls out of their normal environment and shows that they truly are the same no matter where they go. And in a way, that’s a good thing since it means they’re being honest about themselves no matter where they are. It focuses primarily on Kyoko, Ayano and Chitose but a few others do make their appearances here and there and generally have a grand old time of it. It doesn’t do anything too big of course, that’s not what the series is about, but it also avoids anything too smutty as well. It’s more playful than anything else and it’s something that definitely works in the shows favor. Kyoko continues to steal the show, but Chitose is really catching up on her.

Grade: B

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