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Top 10 DVD Sales & Rentals For August 28th, 2011

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While the theatrical market may be a mess right now with little to check out, there are things to keep an eye on when it comes to rentals and what you can buy. the charts for both show a bit of movement as the newer releases continue to dominate, but there are some strong contenders in there as well including some surprises. The DVD sales chart continues to have Rio as its main draw as it’s held the top spot for the past month and it’s quickly followed up by Priest. What is a surprise though is that the release of the eighth season of NCIS managed to grab the #3 spot, which either points to low sales overall or a very welcome set for fans. The same can be said for Dexter which has its fifth season showing up for the second week in a row. The new contenders on the list beyond that are pretty meager with Phineas & Ferb: The Movie and Bambi II breaking into the top ten.

The rental chart fares about the same except you can take out the two TV series releases and slide in a few more titles that have held on for awhile. The top of the chart is close to the same while some of the others continuing on are Soul Sufer and Limitless. 

DVD SalesWeek of Aug 21-27

Rank Title Studio Weeks in Release
1 Rio FOX 4
2 Priest Sony 2
3 NCIS: The Eighth Season Paramount 1
4 Dexter: The Fifth Season Showtime 2
5 Something Borrowed Warner 2
6 Fox and the Hound/Fox and the Hound II, Buena Vista 3
7 Soul Surfer Sony 4
8 Paul Universal 3
9 Phineas and Ferb: The Movie – Across the Buena Vista 1
10 Bambi II Buena Vista 1

DVD Rentals Week of Aug 22-28

Rank Title Studio Weeks in Release
1 Priest Sony 2
2 Rio FOX 4
3 Something Borrowed Warner 0
4 Paul Universal 3
5 Limitless FOX 6
6 Blitz Millennium Media Services 2
7 Your Highness Universal 3
8 Soul Surfer Sony 4
9 Lincoln Lawyer, The Lionsgate 7
10 Rango Paramount 7


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