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Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #2 Review

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Even the future isn’t quite what it used to be.

What They Say:
FLASH QUESTION: Where is he? And when? Can Hot Pursuit save him in time for Bart to help Barry?

The Review:
One of the things that I’ve long loved about the DC Universe is that they do play in the future with at least the Legion series. While this book doesn’t involve the Legion, it does bring Bart back to the year 3011 where things just have not gone well since the Flashpoint event occurred. With so many key heroes gone, Braniac took it over easily, eliminated Colu along the way and continues to ferret out the secrets of the universe. And what he wants now is what Bat has in his head with the secret of the Speed Force. It’s not been an easy mental trip here for Bart with what Braniac has thrown at him, never mind the fact that his body is decaying fairly rapidly and the end is in sight if he doesn’t do something quick.

And doing things quick is his best asset, even if he doesn’t think them through, which is something that he has to do now that he’s hooked up with Patty in this year after she got flung forward after swiping the Hot Pursuit suit back in the 21st century. The team-up in 3011 is not going well though since Braniac has subjugated the world and there’s hardly anything left. Bart’s pretty despondent at this point, understandably so, considering the way that his mind has been messed up with what Braniac did to him showing him his grandfather telling him he’s not up to snuff and couldn’t even match Wally. It’s one of the few positive Wally references in this entire event so it’s good to at least have that much, but it’s still painful seeing how the Flash family has been tormented in this event overall.

Bart, being who he is, does at least have a plan when he gets motivated. It’s good when he’s proactive since seeing him as a moody and angst driven teen just doesn’t suit him. And with Patty doing her best to be upbeat and trying to figure out what to do, it kind of shames him into action as well. Her story in the past and how she got thrown to the present is something you can just classify as “all right” as it doesn’t really build a lot into things and was done mostly just to give Bart someone he could connect with in this time frame. I’d almost rather have him here in 3011 alone and having to man up to deal with the problem instead, but Patty does bring a bit of fun and a little bit to the proceedings with how she deals with Bart and his ways.

Digital Notes:
This digital edition of Kid Flash Lost from Comixology features just the first printing cover of the issue with no additional extras included in the book.

In Summary:
Kid Flash Lost does allow us to have at least one other person besides Barry who knows what’s really going on. It’s a doubly bad event for him since his 21st century and 31st century worlds are things that have gone horribly awry and the attempts at understanding the past just reinforces that Barry may not exist at all anymore, which is a pretty big blow to him. The pairing with him and Patty works well enough but she doesn’t feel like she’s critically needed here as there were other ways to get Bart moving that would have worked for his character in a better way. This is still a fun book and I definitely like having another character mixing things up that knows what everything is supposed to be like yet has to deal with such an ominous threat as Braniac. It’s one of those series that could make a good standalone Elseworlds style book for quite a few issues.

Grade: B

1 thought on “Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #2 Review

  1. This was a pretty fun issue, can’t wait to see what you think about #3. The thing I really liked was, just as you mentioned, the fact that someone else besides Barry knows about the shift in histories. It adds a really good dynamic and a change of pace to everyone else who is unknowing.

    It makes me sad that Comixology isn’t really releasing the Booster Gold series aside from #44. Since you are reading digital only you are missing out on another storyline in which someone knows about the shift and tries to fix everything.

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