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Five Minute Preview Of ‘Gundam AGE’ Revealed

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With the Gundam 00 world pretty much done and over with, it’s on to the next big thing for the franchise. After a few decades of different types of series, Sunrise is looking to balance their years long Gundam Unicorn project with Mobile Suit Gundam AGE which gives us a much younger cast of characters than before, though there are some familiar echoes to it all. Prior to this, we’ve had one brief clip come out that didn’t reveal much but this one gives us the full on look at the various characters, the mobile suits and more as it deals with characters in the early teen range mostly. Though it also includes a few adults as well, of course. It may have a lighter tone to it, but it’s not hard to imagine it getting a bit darker as it progresses as well. It does make me want to go haul out G-Gundam again though…

Check it out below! Will you be checking out this series?

[Source: Crunchyroll]

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