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My Ordinary Life Episode #21 Anime Review

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Nothing says fun like awkward teachers almost in love.

What They Say:
Misato, Weboshi, and Fe-chan talk about their current love interest. Takashi runs into Sakura; is this a date!? The soldiers can’t find the last wooden cube, but a new challenger appears.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When the show shifts to some of the lesser known characters, it is a chance for them to get a better connection with the viewer, but I still mostly just find myself wanting to get back to the main cast. Especially after a comically brutal start of the episode with Yukko’s exaggerated hit by the teacher hitting home pretty hard. This episode shifts gears early on though to dealing with the trio of Misato, Weboshi and Fe-chan who are all hanging around Misato’s room talking about boys, relationships and what kinds of boys they’re actually interested in. It’s cute to see them talk about the other boys they know, especially Mohawk boy, but with little real interest in the characters, it makes it hard to really get behind their stories.

One area that I did like is when it deals with the teachers and we have Takashi coming across Sakurai and it’s a pretty big shock for him. He’s been interested in her for an age and seeing her in street clothes and her hair tied up is almost too much for him. When you only see someone in a certain way all the time, something like this is pretty radical in a social setting. The two are certainly cute in their own ways and I like how both of them interact with each other, especially since Sakurai is simply so cute and outgoing as a teacher while Takashi is so flustered by her. It’s standard fare overall, but like much of Nichijou, it comes down to the personalities, the imaginings of the situations and the style of comedy. This works really well here as the two spend some time together and makes you like them all the more.

The teachers in this series are fun in general and even Nakamura gets some time here as he continues his hunt for Nano so he can exam her, proving that she is a robot. He’s kind of awkward about the whole thing once again, waiting for awhile for her visit a market even though she doesn’t always visit that often. He’s so child-like in a lot of ways that it’s just silly to watch him try and snare her. The same can be said for Sakurai too, as we see her during a guidance session with Mai and you just have to laugh with how she handles things. This episode also takes us back to the story of the soldiers, which still has me laughing from the last encounter with them where they were sent falling from the sky if they failed to make the princess laugh. This one has a version of Mio showing up on board the ship where she’s searching for the last wooden cube herself as the soldiers and it just leads to lots and lots of dead soldiers. These guys continue to crack me up as they’re so serious and in such an untenable situation.

In Summary:
My Ordinary Life continues to hit all the right marks, even when it deals with some of the less than interesting characters. This episode spends a few minutes there but it also works with a lot of others, including the teachers which are a real favorite of mine since they’re not overused. We do get another episode with little participation by Nano and her crew, but that helps since they need to be used properly rather than overdone. There’s a lot to like with this episode in general but especially if you like the story of the soldiers who find themselves facing their greatest challenge yet. The seriousness of it all with the smirk of comedy throughout it all is spot on and it really makes me want to see all of these segments rolled into one episode just to see the progression properly.

Grade: B+

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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