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My Ordinary Life Episode #17 Review

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My Ordinary Life gets a bit less than interesting this time around.

What They Say:
Sakamoto loses his scarf to a very polite crow, three people are buried alive, and Yukko is determined to no longer call out Mai’s jokes.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Sometimes the show goes in strange directions for a laugh, though it hasn’t really done so for awhile now like it did early on. The opening skit for this episode is cute but weird as a crow enters the professor’s residence and Nano ends up putting Sakamoto’s scarf on him, which allows the crow to talk to them. It’s cute in its own way, but it feels largely pointless. The fun with it is seeing Sakamoto, now unable to talk, getting pretty steamed about the whole thing until the crow decides to move on and thanks them for the chance to be able to talk in the human language for awhile. Similar can be said about the next main skit that has Yuko, Mio and Nano together hanging out and making card towers that’s done through music instead of dialogue. You see them expressing themselves in creative ways, getting the point across with the music, but it fits into that kind of weird feeling bit.

This leaves the first half of the episode in a strange place where while it has cute moments, it’s not as good as it has been. And My Ordinary Life has been quite good for many episodes now in a way that surprises me considering how I disliked the start of the series. With the second half, it gets moving a bit further and has some shocking moments to be sure, such as when the science teach shaves off the Mohawk kids hair just because it’s blowing there in the wind. This leads to some eventual panic in another area as well, but it’s just hilarious to hear the kid stuck in the hole, not being able to see his face, and to hear his reaction as he feels his mohawk being shaved away.

In Summary:
The show does spend some fun time with Mai and Yuko together at school, especially where we get to see Mai coming into school with double glasses that just boggles Yuko. But like the pieces at the beginning, it simply doesn’t seem to click well as it plays out. The humor is mild at best, and that’s a rarity. This episode comes across more like the earlier ones where things happen just for the sake of it, which can be fine as we see with the mohawk angle, but the bulk of the episode is pretty empty overall. There are cute moments, such as how Sakamoto reacts to the crow and the shaving, but these are small bright points in an otherwise dull episode which is really surprising after all that’s happened.

Grade: C

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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