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New Line Backs Out Of ‘Escape From New York’ Reboot

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As the economy tightens, so do the movie studios who are moving away from various projects, some of which they’ve invested a fair bit of time and money in already. The latest one to get the axe is over at New Line where they’ve dropped on the option to remake Escape From New York. This doesn’t mean the project itself is dead dead, but rather that Warner and New Line aren’t going to pursue and that the whole thing is up for grabs now. With a lot of smaller studios and production companies looking to revive various 1980’s properties and quite a few in the works, it probably won’t take long for this to find a home elsewhere. The feature had a lot of interest from a variety of people, and had writers attached and a director that was angling for it and several actors that were interested or being sought after including Tom Hardy, Jeremy Renner and Gerard Butler to take on the role made famous by Kurt Russell with Snake Plissken.

[Source: Deadline]

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