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Dark Horse Digital Adds More ‘Samurai Executioner’ And ‘Usagi Yojimbo’

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Dark Horse’s digital comics side put out a few more manga oriented books today to beef up their growing catalog that’s available via the web and on iOS devices with Samurai Executioner #3 and Usagi Yojimbo #138 today. The first is definitely at a good price, coming in at just $4.99 for the full length graphic novel at 315 pages, while the latter clocks in at $1.99 for the 28 page monthly floppy format that is pretty much the norm. You can check out a preview for Samurai Executioner here and for Usagi Yojimbo here.

Samurai Executioner #3: The Hell Stick
Readers of Lone Wolf and Cub came to know a samurai of such high honor that he was not only able to perform but enjoyed and, in fact, learned from basic daily tasks. Cutting wood, cooking food: those weren’t things a samurai did back in feudal Japan, but those human elements are apparent in Samurai Executioner’s Kubikiri Asa. He’s a man of the people, though his job is to separate many of those same people from their heads.

In this volume, however, we’re treated to three fantastic stories of amazing weapons skill, both on the part of Asa and those around him. Witness, for the first time in this series, a duel between two great samurai, in the slow, contemplative tradition. Observe Asa’s extremely precise sword stroke. And read a charming story of a young peace officer who practices the use of his specialized weaponry to the point of utilitarian, life-saving perfection. It’s more classic samurai stories in our third volume of Samurai Executioner.

Usagi Yojimbo #138
The Red Scorpion gang has terrorized the countryside for months, and its members have been the culprits behind many of Usagi’s recent adventures. In this issue, Usagi finally faces the Red Scorpion himself! But defeating both the Scorpion and the mercenaries at his side may be too much even for the rabbit ronin.

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