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NIS America Shows Off ‘Kimi ni Todoke’ Package

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NIS America has followed up on their announcement of the release of Kimi ni Todoke with a look at the first part that is scheduled for October 25th, 2011. Labeling it in the genres of romance, friendship, school life and slice of life, the two disc premium edition will be subtitled only and arrive in a heavy chipboard box as we’ve seen with all their premium releases. The $59.99 set will contain twelve episodes of the first season with the extras including clean versions of the opening and closing sequences. The big extra for a lot of people, beyond the great boxes, is the hardcover artbook that’s included. Running twenty-eight pages, this one will feature character information and Sawako’s most cherished memories. “Get inside her head and experience the story of Volume 1 through Sawako’s memories!”

Check out the provided images so far below by giving them a click to see them full sized.

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