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Summer 2011 Anime Preview: Uta no Prince-sama

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If there’s an animation studio that I pay attention to with their projects, even if it seems like it wouldn’t be one I’d like, it’s A-1 Pictures. They’re back this summer with a new series called Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%, a twelve episode TV show based on the manga of the same name that has spawned games and more. The show looks as if it works off of last years PSP game that deals with a young woman going to a performing arts school where the boys are all budding idols that want to get to know her better.

The series is being directed by Yuu Kou for A-1 Pictures and he does have a decent list of credits to his name to pull this one, especially for a certain segment of fans as he directed Loveless. In addition to that, he handled the directorial duties for Chrono Crusade, Giant Killing and a couple of Zero no Tsukaima series. He’s working off of a series composition plan by Tomoko Konparu, someone who has extensive credits in this arena including older features like Dr. Slump and Daa! Daa! Daa! as well as work on the newly licensed Kimi no Todoke seasons.

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