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Cafu Talks About ‘Grifter’ With DC Comics

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Bringing in the Wildstorm characters to the DC Comics Universe is going to be one of the more challenging aspects for some fans, both of the DC Comics universe as it stands now and the separate Wildstorm universe who may not see a blending happening well. With a chance to rework and redesign a character, the fear is always there that the special thing will be lost and when you recreate an entire history and shape it into something else, even more so when you get down to the core of what makes a character who they are. One title not getting too much attention, yet, is that of Grifter, as drawn by CAFU, who is the latest one to send in his sheet of answers to the folks at DC Comics. Unlike some, he definitely comes across as being quite excited about the whole thing and it shows in his answers.

THE SOURCE: What about DC’s new 52 titles excites you the most?

CAFU: Grant Morrison on Action Comics, no doubt about it!

How and why are you shaking up the series’ status quo?

From the start, we were given freedom to create this new Grifter as part of the DCU, so I think I can say we’re trying to create the definitive version of the character!

What new characters will debut in the series?

I don’t think we can reveal too much for now, but I would have to pick the new Daemonites (I love them!)

Will we see new character designs?

Absolutely. All characters will be redesigned to help give the book a more realistic and adult tone.

What’s the first line of dialogue in the first issue?

Funny enough, the first line of dialogue is “Mr. Harras, your vodka and tonic.”

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had working on this character/book?

I’d say the tone Nathan (the writer) is looking to give the series and the ideas he has for this initial story arc. I hope you like them as much as I do!!

What secret has been the hardest to keep?

The most difficult part has been to hide everything that was cooking at DC, when everybody suspected something big was coming (and of course, people didn’t stop asking!)

What’s the unofficial tagline for this series, in your own words?


What were your thoughts about the day-and-date digital announcement?

It’s been really exciting to see all the reactions on the Internet during the days around the announcement and the big reaction from the DC fans. I’ve loved having the feeling of being witness (and part of) a special time in the history of superhero comic books.


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