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A Bridge To The Starry Skies Episode #12 Review

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The series draws to a close with the outcome essentially pre-determined.

What They Say:
The festival is about to start and Kazuma has been chosen to play the male god. Tsumgi has noticed the increased tension between Kazuma and Ui and has decided to help them express their feelings.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After a really cute and fun episode prior to this involving Ibuki and her attempts at getting closer to Kazumi, the series is now set to close the curtain on itself by working events to bring the main couple together at long last. There’s been some fun with the various girls up until this point and a couple of Kazuma’s friends have certainly lived vicariously through him as he’s been close friends with many cute and attractive girls, some of which even have a decided interest in him to varying degrees where they’re trying to understand themselves and their teenaged hormones. Through it all, Kazuma has just muddled through while having a spot of fun and doing what he can as he’s been either oblivious to much of it or just plainly disinterested overall. That can be a bit frustrating in some ways, but it’s also definitely very male.

Because of how the series opened, we essentially knew from the start that all signs point towards a Kazuma and Ui declaration at some point, but the fun is in getting there and seeing all the other girls as well as Ui’s own struggles to figure out how to express herself. After she figures out what she wants, of course. These kinds of shows are definitely more about the journey and this one has had a decent one overall, but the main frustration continues to crop up with it in that just about every other girl is far more interesting than Ui herself is. It’s easy to see why it takes Kazuma some time to really connect with her and to realize that she’s interested in him since there’s so little “there” that’s actually there with Ui. Even at the end here, as it pushes us towards this inescapable conclusion, you can’t help but to be more interested in what the other girls are doing.

It’s amusing how Tsumugi becomes the one to make it clear to Ui what it is that she’s feeling, since she’s in such denial about it. She can’t quite believe it and the same can be said for Kazuma as he’s worked over a bit by others about things. In fact, there’s so much discussion about their feelings and what they mean that it kind of kills the energy a bit because, contrary to most other shows that just leave it up to atmosphere and pacing, it’s almost talked to death instead. What makes the whole situation even worse is that they make it into such a huge, big spectacle at the end when the two of them end up in key roles for the festival where they get to make a huge, public proclamation about their feelings. Considering how almost introverted both of them are, it makes it an even sillier moment.

In Summary:
With a lack of connection felt between the two main characters from the start, their declarations of love to each other feels very hollow. Taking into account their age and lack of experience, seeing a crush declared so is pretty much unsurprising but there isn’t any real meaning to it because the characters don’t truly know each other and are expressing a crush as love when they don’t know any better. Some shows really work the characters well, even in twelve episodes, to show a bond and connection that can explore the start of a love. And I know many friends who fell in love in high school and are together decades later. But this all comes across as very forced, hollow and without much feeling to it in the end, largely because both characters, fun as they may be at times, are essentially ciphers. The show has had its moments and the girls were cute and fun, but it’s been an empty experience overall.

Grade: C-

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