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First ‘Appleseed XIII’ Movie Edition Trailer Arrives

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With Appleseed XIII set to hit in July, we’re starting to get a better look at the end result of it and the curious way in which it’s being put together. With the show designed to be compiled together from the start into two theatrical movies, it’s going to have a very different flow and feel to it, either in the broadcast version or the theatrical version. Shochiku has posted up the first trailer for the first movie which will be called Appleseed XIII: Tartaros. The second feature is set to be released in October of this year, called Appleseed XIII: Ouranos. The series should have an overall similar feel to the previous movie editions being a CG based series with Masamune Shirow again overseeing things for Production I.G.

Check out the trailer below and sound off on how you think this looks, and has CG anime gotten closer to where it should be compared to when the first Appleseed movie arrived.

h/t to Crunchryoll for the link.

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