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30 Days Of Anime Challenge – Day 28

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Thankfully, as the challenge gets closer to the end, it does have some interesting questions to ask. Case in point where today asks you what your favorite Pokemon is. While many will deny having anything to do with Pokemon, it is a series that drew in many fans over the years and continues to do so as even my kids have watched it and it’s made them pick up on some of the traditional anime cues, making getting into other shows far easier. It’s our biggest gateway drug and we need to use it more. I didn’t watch much of Pokemon myself when it first came out, but I worked through several of the DVDs for review and I’ve seen a ton of it because of my kids. So I’m not just pulling any old character out of thin air here to make a choice, and I’m not going with the lead character either. And as much as I want to pick Jigglypuff, particularly because Rachael Lillis completely nails every performance of this character, I had to go with my main man Squirtle. With the shades, attitude and overall way he carries himself, he is the Pokemon to beat.

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