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‘Green Lantern’ Sequel Still In The Works

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Green Lantern may not have constructed itself a big box office hit, but Warner Bros. is still putting its money on the character and franchise by indicating that they will be going forward with the sequel. A sequel was already in the planning stages before it debuted, and before all the heavy criticism on it and the soft box office that it got, as they hired Michael Goldenberg to pen it. Goldenberg has some good credits to his name, including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Martin Campbell won’t be returning as director, something he’s said repeatedly and has done similarly on other potential franchise in the past. As Collider notes, this may be a bit of a ploy to trumpet that they will be making one in order to get some people to go and see it that may be passing on it. And with Warner no longer having summer box office gold with the Harry Potter series, you can see that they will continue to try and mine the comic book field for the next big thing. With any sequel, the production costs should come down some now that all the big work has been done, and it’s also easy to imagine that they’ll avoid the 3D angle next time as well which will help.

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