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30 Days Of Anime Challenge – Day 27

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With the previous day being all about the opening sequences, it’s no surprise that the next day will be about your favorite ending sequences. Like the openings, there’s a whole lot to like here since there’s so much variety out there and you don’t have to make endings all big and epic. A lot of endings tend to focus on the simplicity of a character or a couple of characters walking along, eventually reaching a destination, and they can be some really haunting pieces. A lot of it comes down to the lyrics for those though with what works and what doesn’t work.

Best Makes You Smile Ending: Cardcaptor Sakura

Best 80’s Anime Ending: Kimagure Orange Road

Best Ending With A Duck: Princess Tutu

Best Dance Moves In An Ending: Urusei Yatsura

Best Ending You Didn’t Get To Hear Because Of Licensing Issues: Monster

Best Ending With A Hilda In It

Best Record Of Lodoss War Ending, Just Because

Best Ending By The Pillows

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