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Sekai Ichi Hatuskoi Episode #12 Review

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Will they or won’t they?

What They Say:
Meeting Ryouichi Sumi and the advice from Hasegawa have put doubt into Ritsu Onodera’s heart. He remembers the reason he transferred to Marukawa and wonders if he can continue to work as a manga editor. While he is struggling, Takano asks him if he wants transfer to the literature department and…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Chance encounters can change the way our lives go on and we saw that with the previous episode when Ritsu ended up meeting a writer that he knew from his previous job who is shocked that he’s working in such a place, or rather, with such a job as shoujo manga editing. It doesn’t take long for the doubts to really creep into his mind and with the way Takano is acting, he’s questioning everything about what he’s been doing since he transferred out of his last place. With the added complications of how Takano is treating him, or showing interest in him, it’s very easy to see how he’s looking at his life and trying to figure out what it is he really wants. And with the nudge made before about how easy it is to transfer out to something else in the literary world, he’s becoming more tempted by the idea.

Unfortunately, because of how Ritsu has been acting, it just makes Takano all the more forceful in trying to figure out what’s going on. He’s a strong personality to be sure and has no problem just pushing his way into situations when he thinks he can get what he wants. And Ritsu certainly doesn’t make it easy, since he continually pushes him away at this point and that just causes Takano to get even nearer to him. It’s a vicious cycle to be in and a very hard one to get out of. The two have gone through this to varying degrees for so long now, starting with the problem back in high school, that seeing it still happen as Ritsu is grappling with the fact that he’s an adult now and really needs to step up just makes it all the worse.

Ritsu’s life really does come down to the two main things at this point. How does he feel about Takano, and can they go back to just being boss and employee, and what it is he wants to do with his work, especially now that he’s been praised as an editor by one of the authors whom he helped earlier in the series. Because of the nature of the show, having it all come to a resolution is pretty much expected and considering the way the other relationships panned out, you know where this one will go. The fun is in watching them actually get there, for Ritsu to really give in to it, and to admit what he really feels that he’s been denying all this time. His denials are an interesting aspect to it and I both loved and was frustrated by the way they really pushed it all up to the very end here. While there is a part of me that really wants to see the whole thing come to fruition, to see where they end up, there’s something fun about the way it does unfold here because it hits all the right emotional notes.

In Summary:
Sekai Ichi Hatuskoi was one of my very favorite shows for the first few episodes, but when it shifted to other couples in the making, it lost a lot of its momentum because some of the characters just weren’t all that interesting or compelling, individually or as a couple. The core story between Ritsu and Takano with their history was what I wanted to see, and not that seemingly everyone else they knew were in similar situations to be explored. With the finale here, we did get back to the good stuff and it plays out well, though part of me wanted there to be more of what their relationship would be like. But that’s not how series of this nature usually play out. Still, the show really worked pretty well for me overall and it was one that, outside of the young mangaka couple, really had me interested to see what would be happening next. It was at its best when it focused on these two and this ending works well to send everything on its way.

Grade: B

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