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Summer 2011 Anime Preview: Ro-Kyu-Bu!

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Everything you could probably want to know about this series can be told from the one image that we’ve got here. Cute young girls from a sports-comedy series. That’s either going to make you squee in pleasure or scream as you run as far away from it as you can. Ro-Kyu-Bu! is a new twelve episode series by Barnum Studio, Project No.9 and Studio Blanc for its animation production that’s based off of the light novel series of the same name by Sagu Aoyama with illustrations by Tinkle. The light novels are pretty recent, starting in 2009, but already have seven volumes out and with more to go. A pair of manga are running as well and there’s a PSP visual novel game due out as well. The original novel won the silver prize in the 2008 Dengeki Novel Competition which lead to it being published in 2009 under Dengeki Bunko.

The series is being directed by Keizou Kusakawa, who has helmed a few shows of note before that fans here will know such as Asura Cryin‘, Inukami!, several Nanoha projects and Sekirei’s two seasons. He’ll be working off the scripts and series design by Michiko Itou, who handled the overall scenario for Girl’s High as well as scripting Doki Doki School Hours, S.A. and Letter Bee among others.

The show will follow Subaru Hasegawa, a high school freshman who joins the basketball team only to find out that it’s not active because the captain is being suspected as a lolicon. Where he ends up from there is certainly strange as he ends up with the job of being the coach of an elementary schools basketball team. That puts him in direct contact with quite a few girls that will challenge him in a lot of ways.

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