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Summer 2011 Anime Preview: Yuru Yuri

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This will be a tough show because right off the bat, I want to just write Yuri Yuri! Yuru Yuri is a new show airing on TV Tokyo based off of the manga of the same name by mangaka Namori. The twelve episode series has its origins in the manga magazine Comic Yuri Hime and information is pretty slim on it. The manga began back in 2008 and is ongoing since then as a standard slice of series and is something of a growing rarity in that it’s not a 4-koma style manga. Those types of slice of life manga have dominated for the last few years so this is a bit of a change of pace. The shoujo-ai series is about a group of school girl aged friends who end up taking over a tea ceremony room in the school that’s no longer used and form their own club, an “amusement club” as you may say.

This new series is being animated by Dogakobo, which has been around for decades but doesn’t quite have the same name value as a lot of other production companies.  They tend to spend a lot of time on in-between animation and key animation but few full on overall work. Masahiko Ohta is handling the directorial duties for the show and he comes from a few other series such as Brighter Than The Dawning Blue, Mitsudomoe and unit director for a number of shows. He’ll be working off a composition and script by Takashi Aoshima who has done similar work on Brighter Than The Dawning Blue, Indian Summer and He Is My Master.

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