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30 Days Of Anime Challenge – Day 22

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The 22nd challenge of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge involves looking at the world of animal sidekicks, pets or summoned creatures from any anime series. There’s a whole lot of these out there and most people will have several that they like, but only one that they truly latch onto as their favorite. The kind where even a grown man will be quite eager to acquire plushie versions of, to have wallpaper of and talk about with a gleam in their eye. For me, that one continues to be Keroberus from Cardcaptor Sakura. There were many animal sidekicks and the like in a number of series that I had watched prior to this, and Mokona is a character that comes real close to stealing the show, but the one that continually makes me smile because he’s far more involved in the stories and provides great commentary is this guy.

Kero is the guardian of the book which holds all the Clow Cards from the series and is a real rarity because he’s but one of two creatures made by Clow Reed. The majority of the series has him viewed in his “False Form” which is wonderfully acted by Aya Hisakawa, but we do see his other form as well with Masaya Onosaka taking on those duties. Both of them bring different aspects of him to light, but Hisakawa has a lot more work to do with it and she really gets into the role, both within the main episode where he teaches, scolds and panics over things that happens all while pursuing his own interests as well. When he gets to his end segment pieces, it’s just comically cute and highly adorable. Kero has been a big part of my anime life but also of my daughters, as we have a plush pillow that has a small stuffed Kero asleep on it as well as a two foot high Kero that they’ve both spent many a night snuggled with. Kero has made an impact on our family.

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