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Battle Girls – Time Paradox Episode #12 Review

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With Ieyasu having activated the armor, darkness is now ready to spread across the lands.

What They Say:
At last the Crimson Armor has activated! The Armor absorbs Ieyasu’s dark heart and goes out of control. Nobunaga and Mitsuhide are powerless against Ieyasu’s overwhelming might. Imagawa Yoshimoto, Takeda Shingen, and Uesugi Kenshin come to help! Nobunaga begs for the others to help her save the innocent people. And the Battle Maidens at last join together…!!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
While Nobunaga has been considered the really bad and violent one of the lands by most of the citizenry, Ieyasu’s activating of the armor has shown that she’s really the one with true darkness in her heart. While Nobunaga hasn’t exactly come across as a softy or anything, she’s definitely had a bit more heart. Ieyasu’s first action as the new power in the land is to cast all her shinobi out as she finds them to be pretty useless, which strikes in their hearts since they’ve served her for so long. But even then, they still want to help her and serve her, even if it means working with Nobunaga and the others to try and bring her back to sanity. The combination of her dark heart and the power of the Crimson Armo has pushed her willingly over the edge, though the shinobi hold out hope for something more within her.

Naturally, with Ieyasu having started down this path, others are starting to show up to figure out what’s going on, such as Yoshimoto who tries in a cute way to get her to turn back. But all that does is set her off even more, which isn’t a surprise in the slightest. The scale of Ieyasu’s power now, especially as she plays with a lot of things, is pretty impressive but it’s not used in a grand and overstated way at first. But once she gets rolling, bringing massive amounts of destruction to the immediate area, you realize just what everyone is up against. It serves as a great visual moment to see her wielding the power, but not cackling with glee and just taking in all that she can do to reshape the world to her liking.

While there are quiet moments to be had here as Nobunaga and the allies get their resolve together to do what must be done, a good part of it, especially in the second half is about the action. It amusingly riffs heavily in the music to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, but it works well in giving it all a very big feeling as the destruction rolls out around them. Putting it all down to just Ieyasu and Nobunaga really brings a lot of things together and it has a great sense of power, but it’s not overly drawn out which is definitely appreciated. The humor is mild when used, but appropriate, and overall they take all of the events that have built towards this and it works it all to very good effect. Everything reaches a proper crescendo here, and even though you know that things will work out alright in the end, it comes together very well and keeps you watching closely because of how well it does everything.

In Summary:
With this episode essentially being the last one of the main storyline, it does a good job of bringing the whole Crimson Armor concept to fruition with a look at how Ieyasu handles the power and what must be done to stop her. It blends the action across the episode well, though sometimes there may be a bit too much of a lull to discuss things, but it also knows how to have fun, such as the last minute or two with Ieyasu and Nobunaga. This series continues to surprise me with how much fun it is even as it uses fairly straightforward ideas and concepts, showing that execution can elevate mediocre material. There’s still a little more to go when it comes to closure and resolution to a couple of other story points though, and that has a lot of potential for good fun and emotional moments, which has me excited to see where it will go next.

Grade: B+

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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