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My Ordinary Life Episode #12 Review

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Nothing makes you hotter than complaining about the heat. Except maybe a huge afro.

What They Say:
It’s hot… It’s so hot! I’m just hoping aliens invade… 5,000,000 yen per shot.The sleeping princess woke, without a kiss.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Summer is definitely here and the prologue has a very cute Tale Of Two Boys as our favorite Mohawk character is doing his best to survive in the heat while Tanaka with his huge afro is complaining about the heat, which just makes everyone feel hotter. There’s even a great hazy feeling around Tanaka’s massive afro that can make you feel hot just looking at it, which is very cute. It’s a quiet and simple intro as they walk towards school that certainly inspires a little nostalgia for myself in remembering such times when the weather was like that. The same can be said for one of the other early segments in which one of the girls forgets to do her homework and prays for an alien invasion. The panic is palpable and while she overreacts, the memories of the same being done and the way you feel is definitely fear inducing.

Another cute segment has Annaka at a shooting booth at a festival where she pays her 500 yen in order to take a few shots to win a prize. Amusingly, the only things they have available are caramel packages and eggplant. And shooting eggplant isn’t exactly a smart idea considering what will happen, and I personally wouldn’t touch eggplant if my life depended on it. The way the whole thing is a scam is cute as the guy running the booth is just so outgoing about things and Annaka is pretty adorable as she wears her usual outfit with the bow while trying to take down at least one of these items. Her outgoing nature for it is pretty amusing as it feels like it really goes against her type in a lot of ways. The surreal nature of it as the booth owner deals with it only adds to the fun of it all.

The show runs through a few other gags as it goes along, some of them naturally very brief like their joy over having a superball or the professor getting into a little trouble while just hanging around her place. A trip to the amusement part in particular goes poorly when a wallet is lost, but everyone still gets to have their fun though Yuria is completely immune to fun, fear and everything else as she walks emotionless through the whole thing. Having seen people like that before, it’s definitely a frustrating and amusing thing. A lot of it is simple and fun, but what made me smile the most is the return to the lab where we get to see the Professor doing her work, but taking a break far too early so she can enjoy herself. She intends to take enough of a break that she’s not even to be called the professor as she and Nano swap names for the duration. It’s all just frustrating for Nano who needs a bit of work done with her screw and as much as she tries to show the professor how awful she’s being, it doesn’t get through. Which is why Sakamoto has the right idea in just trying to sleep through it.

In Summary:
This installment of My Ordinary Life has a number of cute segments to it but nothing that stands out in a big way. The characters continue to go through their fun little motions here and there as they deal with their lives, both real and surreal, and there are plenty of smiles to be had. I particularly liked Annaka’s role this time around just because of her reactions and any time spent with the professor, Nano and Sakamoto leaves me with a smile. The episode opens well and ends well while having varying degrees of fun throughout, but as always it will depend on which characters you like as to how well it comes across. This one made me smile but didn’t have me laughing out loud.

Grade: B

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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