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‘A Game Of Thrones’ Season 2 Begins Filming In July

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Fans of HBO’s A Game Of Thrones likely won’t have to wait too awful long for the second season that’s coming. The show got a renewal after its first night out after the premium network showcased the opening episode across multiple channels that it operates, though the ratings for it were lower than some other highly promoted shows in the past. What the series has done though is to not only maintain its numbers, but to continually grow them week over week, which has been a real challenge for just about every show airing in the past year as most have seen series lows and significant drops. It’s been to the point where a show maintaining its numbers is considered a victory.

Now comes word that via The Hollywood Reporter that the second season will begin filming starting on July 25 and will continue to use the same stdio in Belfast as before as well as other locations around Northern Ireland. No word on who will be returning, though it’s expected that the majority of contracts have been dealt with since the renewal came quickly and clauses were in place upon the first season’s signing, so there isn’t an expected problem when it comes to the cast. The writing crew and production could adjust a bit, but those overseeing the show are likely to be fully in place as well.

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