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The World God Only Knows Season 2 Episode #10 Review

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Keima’s intent on his conquest of Jun but she keeps turning the tables on him to his surprise.

What They Say:
Jun is doing her best to meet the expectations of the students. She’s very popular with the students, but she’s been possessed by a loose soul. And so, Keima begins his conquest of Jun. However, she’s preoccupied with becoming the ideal teacher, so she only sees Keima as a student. In order to break free of the teacher-student mold, Keima decides to approach Nikaido, who was Jun’s senior in school…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As the series gets closer to the end of the season, the story being worked here is a pretty interesting one so far. The use of a student teacher gives us someone outside of the school realm again but still young enough to be within an interesting range rather than it being an older woman. Though there is some curiosity as to how that would play out. Could Keima add a cougar to his conquest list? Do his games give him the skills necessary to deal with a woman like that? Color me curious as I apparently imagining the adult version of the show. With Jun, we do get the attractive student teacher angle going and it’s a cute stereotype overall, especially as so many students adore her as she does the traditional things. And her enthusiasm for helping others like Keima is pretty apparent as well, though things go a bit over the top when we see how many games he has around his desk as she tries to help him.

Unfortunately for Keima, the things he’s doing to try and get a reaction out of Jun aren’t having the desired effect since she’s doing her absolute best to help him with his problems as she sees them in her eyes. What becomes more apparent to Keima as time goes on is that he’s lost control of this particular story as Jun isn’t playing by the normal rules that he knows. She’s continually putting him on the defense, reacting to what she does, rather than making the moves himself and directing things. For someone so familiar with the rules of the game and the way things should play out, it’s a frustrating thing for him. Even worse is when she challenges him to a game challenge and she can’t even hold the portable the right way, never mind figure out how to turn it on.

This all forces Keima into going into an unusual direction for him in going after Nikaido, who as we know from the previous episode is Jun’s sempai from when she was in school. Trying to win over Nikaido to help him in his conquest of Jun isn’t going to end well, and his visualized version of it is priceless as he has a Giant Robo-like Nikaido robot that he can use as he needs. It’s actually amusing as he does what he can to win over Nikaido to help him and she spends her time playing his games while criticizing how bad the dialogue is written in terms of grammar. His efforts are in good faith though since he wants to find out something from her that could help him deal with Jun, but she’s the sadistic kind of teacher that doesn’t give anything away. The relationship between the two continues to be a fun point of the series that I’m definitely glad had a bit more than a passing reference this time around.

In Summary:
With Keima working harder than he’s had to before in a lot of ways, the challenge here is fun on that level but also to see how Jun is dealing with her own issues. Slowly but surely, we’re getting a better picture of what’s gnawing away at her just below the surface and it comes as Keima starts to put the pieces together. This series continues to be one of the consistently best looking ones of the season and this episode is no exception, especially as it deals with the adults a bit more and adds some flavor with it. Keima and Jun are a very interesting combination to work at and it’s definitely shaping up to be one of the more interesting arcs of the two seasons.

Grade: B

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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