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Maria Holic Alive! Episode #10 Review

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Life continues at the academy, but for Kanako she has to cope with heavy amounts of tiredness.

What They Say:
Episode #10

The Review:
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After Kanako’s bout of not being able to talk for an episode, things are back on track for her to some degree, but she’s still suffering. Her main problem at the moment is a lack of sleep that’s being attributed to a curse, which has Father Kanae coming to visit her so that he can administer a proper cure for it. This completely freaks her out since he is a guy after all and he has some unusual methods in mind to cure the ailment. Just his little talk about things that were done in the past according to the New Testament is amusing as it sends Kanako into an even further panic over her predicament. That his best trick is to actually have her count in order to fall asleep is definitely amusing, since it doesn’t work on her but used to have him conked out by the time he reached number five.

While Kanae goes about trying to fix all of this, and coming up unsuccessful on a regular basis, Kanako herself is dealing with the needs of wanting another woman and continually coming up short. There’s a moment where the call sort of goes out for the need a yuri partner of sorts and Kanako is so completely into this, even though the question isn’t even asked in her presence, that it’s very amusing in watching her become very attentive to the whole idea. While she’s bludgeoned for her desires, Kanae is spending his time coping with his inability to fix things and that has him going through quite the history lessons as he tries to figure out what to do when it comes to the rosary problem that he has. When the two stories come together, with Kanako offering ideas on how to solve it, it truly is like a Bermuda Triangle moment in his mind.

The whole shebang feels off but it does lead to a short but great moment when the dorm manager, aka God, gets involved by seeing the rosary and pointing out that it was something she misplaced in her childhood. The fact that Kanako even asks what God’s childhood was like is amusing since you know you’re not going to get a straight answer and not knowing is probably better considering what we do know of the character. Unfortunately, this was the only amusing part of the episode as the rest of it just felt pretty bland and without humor. It had a moment or two here and there, but largely it just fell flat throughout.

In Summary:
Where has the Maria Holic series that I enjoyed in the first season so much gone? This show has had its moments, but it’s come across as a much less interesting work overall and episodes like this are a huge reminder of that. There are some moments that make you smile here and there throughout, but as a whole each story feels less and less focused than it did before. It’s not that the first season was hugely story intensive, but it tied things together better and actually felt like it had a purpose of some sort. Here, it’s starting to feel like bad comedy fanfic writers trying to ape the style but going in directions that are very funny only in a very narrow view. With each episode, the show just loses me more and more outside of some well done scenes.

Grade: C-

Simulcast By: The Anime Network

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