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Tiger & Bunny Episode #11 Review

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With the terrorist threat fully under way, the city starts to buckle to their demands.

What They Say:
Ouroboros have taken the people of Stern Bild City hostage in exchange for the release of a convict, the same man that Barnaby was investigating.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Stern Bild City has suddenly found itself in a precarious position, one that it hasn’t really had to deal with before as the heroes are now facing a situation that’s much bigger than what they’ve had to before. While it’s one thing to go after a particular guy acting all big or a giant robot, dealing with what Ouroboros has done to essentially hold the whole city hostage is a whole other ball of wax. The scope and scale of it is impressive but there’s an edge to it as well with the demands that have been made. With all that Barnaby has done in recent weeks to find his man, to have the one who may have been responsible up for the possibility of being snatched away from him has him on edge in a big way.

Because of what’s going on, the situation gets pretty out of control when one of the members from this group arrives names Hans Chuckman and has managed to threaten the council that’s overseeing the safety of the people and the operation of the government and corporations. It’s a classic scenario that has the seat of power unsure what to do and feeling powerless that’s made worse when someone crazy shows up with all sorts of threats about what will happen if they don’t get what they want. It’s never exactly a good thing to give in to terrorists like this, but the people in charge of the situation don’t exactly seem like they have much of a spine to begin with. With the focus on ratings and general safety so their positions are secured, they’ll do whatever they have to in order to survive. Even if it means freeing someone like Martinez who has quite the skill set it seems from our first introduction to him.

Martinez is the type that makes for an interesting villain simply because he has a coarse look, a rough manner of looking at the world but also a conniving intelligence as well that’s backed up by power. He has the look of a cultist and with his plan to rule a nation of his own full of those with NEXT powers, he’s certainly ambitious. As he decides to push through on the plan at hand with the terrorist act that was created to get him out of prison, those in power decide that it is time to come up with a plan of their own that involves Barnaby making things clear as to why he’s in this game. With him being such a popular hero even after all that has happened, revealing what has happened to him in his past and how it’s related to Martinez is an interesting move to foster support. And it helps explain certain things to the viewers and fans as well, such as his open use of his name and not wearing a mask. It’s an interesting angle to take and one that, while oddly placed and serene in the midst of such an event, helps to push things forward to make it all clearer for those involved.

In Summary:
Tiger & Bunny is certainly angling things in order to have a good mid-season turning point with what goes on here. The city under siege, the heroes sidelined for the moment and an active push to make the citizens understand the personal side of what’s going on. It’s an oddly paced episode in some ways, but it puts enough of its ducks in a row and capitalizes on what’s come before in a way that manages to tie a lot of things together while also showing the way that people are coming to rally behind Barnaby. The others don’t have as big of a role, but it was good to see some smart use of powers, skills and so forth in order to try and make the situation more winnable for them. Events are getting more involved though and the series continues to find a good way of making it dramatic and still infusing it with the right amount of humor that you’d expect when heroes face these kinds of situations. Good stuff that definitely keeps you glued to the screen.

Grade: B+

Simulcast By: Viz Media

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