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My Ordinary Life Episode #11 Review

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Try as I might, I still find Helvetica Standard to be the weakest part of this show.

What They Say:
Pretending to be asleep won’t do any good! Super ultra great delicious wonderful bad. That must be the power of Daiku Industries. Surely happiness must taste like mud.

The Review:
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After being shamed into giving the show another shot and coming away enjoying more parts of the previous episode, my attempts to continue with My Ordinary Life continue. What made this one a bit hard from the start was that it did a brief Helvetica Standard piece as its prologue and I just can’t for the life of me find much humor in the piece so it’s pretty much a drain. Thankfully, it shifted to something different after the credits as it focused on Yukko as she’s been forced into studying hard for her finals that are the next day, something she managed to forget due to a very mild illness. Her study habits certainly aren’t the best but she has a great little dream sequence of sorts in the middle of it that shows how she visualizes the challenge ahead of her.

Yukko’s panic goes to great levels as she knows she’s not going to do well no matter what. The visions of her level of failure are on a cosmic level and it pushes her to do unspeakable things. While some kids will do their best to fake a cold in creative ways, Yukko will go the distance and put in the effort to fill a bathtub full of ice cubes and soak in it in order to get a real fever. Of course, it doesn’t actually work and she just makes it worse and worse with everything she does. Having kids myself, I can definitely understand her mothers’ frustration with her as well as why Yukko goes to such extremes in a real world kind of way to get out of something she doesn’t want to do. While they’re things that won’t actually help, it’s at least kept within the realm of the possible.

Much as I’ve found before, the segments with Sakamoto just tickle me the right way. Watching as he deals with sticking his paw into the sun makes me smile, same as it does when he gets involved with the Professor again as she’s all giddy with her latest little experiment. Having Sakamoto get caught up in a huge wad of glue is comical to be sure as his reactions are over the top in frustration. That the professor just makes things worse with every little thing she does and then for our favorite robot to get caught up in it is a standard comedy of errors. It is predictable, cute and silly because the characters themselves make it work. The silliness of the professor herself during all of it is infectious though which is still surprising at times since she did frustrate me for awhile.

In Summary:
My Ordinary Life has some fun bits throughout here but nothing that really goes above and beyond. I do like when the animators are allowed to step out of their normal (and admittedly really beautiful) style for the cast by doing something different, such as Yukko’s mental view of her situation. The school segments are fun and seeing the kind of stress that Yukko puts herself under certainly does make one smile. Similarly, the time spent with Sakamoto and the professor made me grin far more than I would have expected from the start, though Sakamoto continues to steal the show for me. There’s some definite smiles to be had here but it feels like it’s missing that one arc within it that lets it really stand out. It’s decent material with some uninteresting parts that has a few quick spikes of really fun moments.

Grade: B-

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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