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The World God Only Knows Season 2 Episode #09 Review

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Nothing spells trouble like an innocent new student teacher intent on saving those students in need, whether they want it or not.

What They Say:
It’s the season for student teachers at Mai High. Keima’s class gets Miss Nagase, a cheerful pro wrestling fan who has great hopes and dreams about becoming a teacher. However, her attention is immediately drawn to a problem child who plays games during class (…Keima, of course). The other teachers have already given up on Keima’s attitude, but Jun is inspired to save him…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
One of the things you don’t see in shows too often, which is a disappointment as they used to be a bit more popular for story ideas, is that of the student teachers that come in and participate for awhile, both as assistants and in taking over the class for a short duration. It adds an unknown element to some degree but mostly it gives us a character that’s closer in age to most of the main school age cast which can bring in some connections for them but also show the differences between the existing staff. It can be cute and a reminder that even as you get a bit older and out of high school, you can still have your quirks.

So, enter Nagase, a new student teacher at the school Keima goes to who was actually a student there herself, so she’s very familiar with the school overall and now looks at it through rose colored glasses as she sees all the students. The exception to her excitement is that of Keima who is so mired in his world of gaming and virtual reality that she can’t quite grasp that he’s there like that while everyone else studies and nobody says anything. She’s kind of silly about it too since she thinks he may be a ghost at first in a cute sort of way before finding out the truth about him from his teacher. While she’s told not to worry about him, Nagase sees this as a challenge as she comes up with all sorts of ideas about what he’s like based on what teachers tell her about him. Suffice to say, his reputation is not a good one, though he achieves his grades easily.

Of course, you know Nagase will get hit by a Loose Soul and I think this is one of the few, if not the first, times we’ve seen someone actually have the Loose Soul enter their body. We’ve seen them exit several times though, but this was nicely done as it got Nagase as she was thinking of ways to help “save” Keima from his problem. With her now infected, things change for Elsie as her alarms go off with Nagase around at first and that puts Keima in the position of having to deal with it. Though again, he’s far more interested in just playing his games while Elsie is all keen on doing the work that needs to be done. The interplay between the two continues to be fun to watch since it’s the right level of silly and serious, especially with how Keima views so many things through the eyes of a hardcore dating sim gamer.

In Summary:
Keima’s challenge at hand with Nagase does present us with something a little different from the women he’s had to save from Loose Soul’s before. With her being a teacher, it puts him in a new approach pattern, though being the good gamer he is, he does have some moves down to handle things since we know there are plenty of games with “Teacher conquest” themes to them. What makes it fun is that Nagase has her approach of trying to save him conflicting with what he wants to do and it gets to him far more than he expected, leading to some grin inducing moments towards the final act of this episode. Nagase is an interesting new addition to the series and has the potential to be a really fun arc as it unfolds. Definitely an attention getter here.

Grade: B+

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