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DC Comics Adds ‘Batman And Robin’ & ‘The Dark Knight’ Creative Teams

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DC Comics is further fleshing out its plans for the Batman family of titles in addition to the previously talked about Batman and Detective Comics releases. While saying elsewhere that Grant Morrison is definitely involved in all of these titles in the planning, we’re getting some interesting creative teams taking on this new incarnation of Batman and they’ve added a Robin title already, which is good considering how many people enjoy the character, myself included.

In BATMAN AND ROBIN #1, the acclaimed creative team of Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason will explore the family dynamic of the Caped Crusader as Bruce Wayne battles the Gotham underworld with the help of his son, Damian, in the role of Robin.

In BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, superstar artist David Finch writes and draws a twisted adventure that pulls Bruce Wayne deep into the halls of the famed Arkham Asylum, a jail for Gotham City’s most dangerous and criminally deranged. Finch will team up with collaborator Jay Fabok on pencils.


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