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Beelzebub Episode #20 Review

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Oga’s intent on giving Tojo his due and he gets help from some surprising quarters.

What They Say:
Oga is all raring to go finally beat Tojo this time, and Kanzaki and Himekawa try and join forces with him. Then, delinquents come to attack the three! Making it through the forces, Oga finally arrives for his showdown with Tojo…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Oga’s encounter with Tojo and Beel previously has definitely left an impact on him, especially as it’s seemed like Hilda and the others have cleared out of his life. He’s still frustrated by what happened with Tojo and how things have gone with Beel, but there’s an uncertainty about how he’s intending to proceed about it, if at all in a way. But knowing Oga, he’s going to feel the need to crush Tojo at some point and that’s how some of the others he’s dealt with feel. That has him meeting up with Kanzaki and Himekawa after they get him to see them as they try to join forces with him. The two of them have had it rough since getting taken down by Oga, but they see Tojo as the larger threat at the moment and want to ally in order to deal with that problem. Oga’s not the sharpest tool in the box though and it takes a bit for him to really get all of this.

The joining together of the trio certainly has its advantages early on as in their search for Tojo, they find themselves having to really work through those that think they can stop them. The first fight could have been a bit more, but Oga and the others manage to take down a large group very quickly. It’s just an obstacle on the way, but as we see from above when the doctor and Hilda are talking about it, it’s necessary for Oga to reaffirm his bond with Beel in order to get things back on track. The larger plan at play is certainly an expected one and it’s laid out well here, but it’s just felt like it meandered a bit too much to get there at times. With the number of thugs and ruffians there are in this city, Oga certainly has a lot of bodies to work through in order to prove himself, which is largely the point.

The arrival of Kunieda on the scene is definitely welcome as she brings her Red Tails with her and that has everyone surprised, including Oga, but fits with what’s been going through herself. Having an even larger team backing up Oga at this point allows for more variety with the action as well since they’ve got “guns” and swords and chains and a whole lot of personality to pull it off. It’s goofy and silly but has that whole air of seriousness to it as well that really makes it fun to watch. Everything does come together well because of this and the show hits that kind of strange fun where the mild diversity of the people fighting works very well because of the way we’ve gotten to know them all. Oga himself doesn’t get enough screen time here though on his journey since everyone is helping him, but when he is on there, he shines. Especially when it comes down to the final moments where you can’t help but laugh and feel kind of bad for him.

In Summary:
Beelzebub gets things moving back in the right direction with this episode as spending too much time without Beel and Oga together is just wrong. While most of this episode continues on with that, we do get to see Oga working towards correcting things under the idea that he’s fighting for himself, which he is, and that helps him to remember that he is his own person. But along the way, under various guises, he does see that there are quite a few people who have become attached to him and he’s not quite the loner he used to be, which in itself is surprising for him but definitely a growing change that has occurred. The show really hits its stride again in the last few minutes and encourages me that we’ll get back to the really good stuff soon enough as this arc is working its way to its conclusion. When Oga and Beel are together, it’s definitely a fun show.

Grade: B

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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