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First ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Videos

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After getting the tease a few weeks ago when The Fire Rises made its rounds as the viral side of The Dark Knight Rises begins, we’re getting more echoes of the campaign used for the second movie where the “I believe in Harvey Dent” marketing got underway to talk about the setting and character. Released onto YouTube under the username of “The Fire Rises”, a pair of videos hit that make up 90 seconds total that has Anthony Michael Hall involved and makes a brief reference to the Facebook page where “The Fire Rises” has been secured by Warner Bros. as well. With the movie having begun filming back in April, these kinds of little viral marketing pieces are easy to slide in and to have some fun with by expanding the larger game for the die hard fans and can prove to be simple, cheap and engaging little extras on the eventual home video release. Check out the two videos below.

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