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New This Week In Anime For May 31st, 2011

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Today can easily be called Media Blasters Day, but that’s only if their bevy of titles actually makes it into retailer hands. With a lot of it being from the Kitty Media line, almost none of it shows up on Amazon and Right Stuf is listing them as waiting on the goods, so it’s a dicey proposition if you, like me, need your hentai fix. On the positive side, there are four Very Good Releases out today that really should be checked out. Aniplex drops in with the final installment of Durarara!! while Media Blasters also goes mainstream with some recent giant robot goodness in the form of Mazinkaiser SKL, sadly only on DVD. Sentai Filmworks finishes out their bilingual release of Guin Saga today as well, which definitely must be seen, while FUNimation totally rocked our socks off with their Blu-ray HD native release of Yu Yu Hakusho‘s first season. Must. Own. And it’s so cheap that it’s a no-brainer to add to the collection, especially if you were like me and bought in on the 30+ singles they put out years and years ago.


Durarara!! Part 3
Guin Saga Complete Collection 2
The Invisible Stud Returns
Like A Mom
MazinKaiser SKL
Sexual Pursuit Vol.#2
Urotsukidoji 3: Return of the Overfiend
Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 Collection Blu-ray (Classic Line)

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