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My Ordinary Life Episode #09 Review

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It sucks having to wait for your food while all your friends are eating.

What They Say:
I’m dreaming. I must be dreaming… They may maintain their flavor, but they’re not maintaining their spirit! No matter how many I kill, they never learn their lesson. My lower half is unprotected!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
There’s something to be said for how a teacher would dream of his class and the prologue here shows it being a mixed bag. It’s cute how excited everyone is when the test is over, which has him thinking they must have studied really hard, but then it gets surreal with them carrying him around, a couple of students declaring their love and intention to get married and other such silliness. While you assume most teachers would dream that their classes are well behaved, excellent in their grades and so forth, the teacher here has things that are a bit closer to reality, and surreality in a way as well which only adds to the cuteness of it all.

Of course, when you see some of the answers on the test, you know just how bad some of these kids are.

Beyond that, My Ordinary Life runs through a lot of similar things as the girls go about their lives. An awkward moment about birthdays comes up and there’s an amusingly cute couple of kendo jokes that are thrown in with Rio getting in a good Men shot, but there’s also some extended discussion on having a soba meal and having it done just right. They want the traditional soba and have all these ideas built up from it and it’s hard to tell if the reality matches what their minds have worked up on a couple of levels. Poor Yukko is waiting forever for hers though, which has her thinking she had a really involved meal that will be all the more worthwhile, but the frustration of it all just gets to her. It’s truly one of those ordinary moments that can drive you up a wall in waiting for things to come together.

My favorite stuff in the show continues to be with the cat, especially when paired with the professor and the robot. There’s a fun little bit about popsicles that goes on here, but it also reinforces that the cat is definitely a cat when he gets all excited about a particular super-rare bug that he finds and wants to save later for eating. This is in stark contrast to the professor who has apparently eaten just about all of the snack sin the residence which has set off her robot creation rather easily since she likes her snacks and can’t believe that this has happened. It’s a cute little rift in their relationship as the professor is very much treated like a child and continues to act like it. It’s an amusing way that she acts since it goes in such contrast to her abilities.

In Summary:
My Ordinary Life has moved into a pretty set routine at this point as you know what to expect, especially since in the first nine episodes we’ve had some nearly forty stories told about the characters. This essentially continues on the same thing with the characters going through their lives, some cute moments, some surreal moments and overall a light mix of fun and almost-fun. There are only a few characters that I really find worth watching and actually smile about with what they do while most of the school age kids are pretty disposable. The teachers continue to amuse me as does the cat and sometimes with professor, so this episode has some good things going for it, though it’s not a consistently enjoyable work which is what huts it in the long run.

Grade: C+

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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