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Maria Holic Alive! Episode #07 Review

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Kanako. Swim meet. Girls in bathing suits. Perfection.

What They Say:
The True Bishoujo-filled Swimming Meet

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Having survived her tests and made it through the school year to this point, Kanako is breathing a sigh of relief for but only a moment as an even bigger challenge now lays ahead of her. It’s the summer season and that means summer activities for her and all the other girls that she’s lusting over, including the ever delicious swim meet where there will be all sorts of students that we regularly see and only see in passing that are parading around in their official school swimwear. Kanako’s so excited that it’s a wonder that she’s even conscious while talking about it in her room considering how much blood flows out of her. Of course, this happens on the actual first day of the swim meet as well to the point where she stains the entire pool and the whole thing ends up canceled because of it. Much like many things in her life, it’s over before she knows it.

The show kind of meanders to different things from there as Mariya spends some time back at her residence which lets us get to know her family a bit more and other servants that work there. It’s cute when Kanako ends up there and gets touched by the boys which leads her to a huge case of the hives breaking out. Kanako’s view of Shizu does get to be to be pretty intense at times though as she even has daydreams of doing all the usual girly things she wants to do with her, dreaming of her really taking Mariya’s place for a bit. Thankfully, Matsurika is there to always pull her back to reality with a well placed pinch. Kanako really has started to fixate on Shizu and it’s pretty cute with the way she gets about it considering how things have gone in the past. All it took that push Kanako over Shizu in her gym uniform, breasts a heaving.

It’s a good bit of fun watching all of this play out, but it ends up meandering in weird ways at times and having a lot of humorous bits that fall flat while working through it. The end of the episode does work out for the best though when Kanako is trying to figure out how to get the next pool time to go in her favor while making sure Mariya ends up in a lightly detailed incident that keeps her out of the way. Like most of her plans, things never really work out like she expects them to and half the fun is in watching her freak out from it and deal with the situation as it happens.

In Summary:
Maria Holic alive has a decent episode here overall and some of the material is a lot of fun when it focuses on Kanako specifically. Her opening piece where she dreams about the swim meet is perfect and I liked how she really took to Shizu as she dressed up as a girl for the duration. The family dynamic at Mariya’s is decent but it’s an underused piece here overall as it could have gone on for more and dealt with a bit more humor along the way. As it stands, there were some nice moments that made you smile, but it was largely fluffy until Kanako arrived on the scene. All the material with the pool itself was spot on, especially with the red taint of it all, and I particularly liked how it all came to a close with Kanako finally making it into the water again on the second day and having vastly different results.

Grade: B-

Simulcast By: The Anime Network

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