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Kotobukiya Introduces To Heart 2 Another Days ~ Silfa Summer Memories Statue

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Kotobukiya has introduced a new import statue that will be coming to the US come this December with a new To Heart 2 piece via Facebook. This is the latest addition to their rather long running line of statues from the series as Silfa brings some lovely robot maid goodness to your collection.

“The attractive robot maid hits the beach in a sexy little pink bikini that’s perfect for summer. Silfa stands with her legs crossed nervously adjusting her swimsuit; one hand tugs at her bikini bottom while the other cradles her breasts. The expression on her cute face is pure embarrassment, highlighted by a blush and her huge blue eyes. Silfa is beautifully sculpted with extra attention paid to the clothing details like the lace, frills, and ribbon. Meanwhile, her trademark blonde hair falls down around her face while a long braid whips in the wind behind her. Silfa stands over 10 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a specially designed display base. You’ll never be cold with Silfa to remind you of summer!”

Never seen the series but really like the statue? Then you need to get in on it and check out the show with the first season that was licensed by Nozomi back in 2008. Grab the To Heart DVD Collection 4 DVD Set at Amazon or grab one of 69 copies left at Right Stuf.

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