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A Bridge To The Starry Skies Episode #05 Review

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Kazuma’s life isn’t difficult enough so they need to introduce a new girl into his life.

What They Say:
One day, Kazuma runs into a tall beauty, however…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With the cast of ladies growing in each episode, though a bit slowly compared to other shows, A Bridge to the Starry Skies has been moving along decently, though it’s feeling very by the numbers so far. What’s been the saving grace is that for the most part it does have a fairly relaxed feel to it, so it’s not all about out loud antics and a whole lot of energy being thrown all over the place. The downside continues to come in the fact that we’re getting more and more girls, and it splits the attention a lot. Especially when you had a couple that were already pretty mild to begin with, bringing in more girls only serves to spread it out a bit.

Kazuma’s settled in pretty well by this point and everyone is easily comfortable around him, much as he is with them, though there are some that are a bit brusque that he doesn’t know, such as the purple haired girl he runs into at the start of this episode in the halls at school. While Kazuma runs into trouble there at times, things are more dangerous back at where he lives with his “sister” who is putting him through quite a bit of training to buff him up a bit. There are some cute moments, including the whole cleaning angle that plays like the Karate Kid, but the whole point of her training is just to get him to do the cleaning and nothing else. Kazuma’s the type that gets sucked into these things easily, it usually has to do with a lack of a spine most of the time, but he does know how to get out of them after a bit as well. But like a lot of male leads, he’s the type that gets out of the frying pan only to land in another fire.

What can be frustrating about shows like this at times is the way that they can be about nothing. To some extent, that’s the whole point as you watch Kazuma go through meeting many girls, getting to know them and really settling in with who he likes and starting the pursuit. Or at least, that’s the focus of the games. With the anime adaptations, you generally know who the lead is that he’ll end up with and it’s rare we get any significant deviations from that, though the girls all provide temptations. And temptations he does get here, especially with one or two of them in gym clothes that are whisper thin and cute when they’re normally just grumpy and kind of mean. There is definitely appeal in seeing the variety to the girls, seeing which ones fit your own tastes more and hoping Kazuma gets there, but episodes like this just run through the guide posts, hitting its marks decently but without any real warmth of impact to that. You almost feel like you could just use a checklist and go from there.

In Summary:
A Bridge to the Starry Skies spends most of its time with Kazuma just going through the motions here and there are fun moments to it. The real thrust of it though, mostly going on in the background, is the introduction of Sakai to the show where she has bookend moments with Kazuma and spends the time in between trying to figure out how to apologize to him for her behavior when they first met. Sakai does become likable throughout it as we get to know her, and it helps to remove some of the less than pleasant first impression vibes she gives, but it’s hard to say how she’ll fit into things until we get her full time and mixed in with the group. The show has some cute moments to be sure and it generates a couple of smiles, but I’ll admit that I just kept waiting for something to happen. Not like a big moment or anything, but something more than just Kazuma going through the various character interactions that let most of the girls have a little bit of screen time.

Grade: C+

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