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Transformers: Prime Episode #08: Con Job Review

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The arrival of a long lost friend brings unexpected dangers and plots into the light.

What They Say:
Con Job – Bulkhead anticipates a visit from his old friend.

The Review:
After last weeks light and fun episode involving the piranha-like Scraplets, Transformers: Prime shifts back to something a bit more involved this time around that’s similar to what we saw before as another Autobot arrives on the scene. As the back story starts to flesh out a bit more, Prime and Arcee talk about how Autobots have fled to the stars after Cybertron went dark and that there are times they do come across each other again. Sometimes though, it’s a trap where Decepticons falsify Autobot signals so they think they’re going someplace friendly. The arrival of wheeljack is a big thing for bulkhead since the two used to fight togther ages ago so he’s very eagerly looking forward to his friend coming back.

Wheeljack’s a bit taken aback by everything that he’s finding out as soon as he comes into contact with the Autobots though as their security is pretty tight (at least in-show sensibility) and he even jokingly claims to get a warmer reception from the Decepticons. Starscream is intent on taking advantage of this when Soundwave breaks through on the transmission so he sets up a proper welcome, but what it really reveals is just how skilled Wheeljack really is. With two swords in hand, he dispatches a lot of Decepticons very easily and with a fair bit of style. Wheeljack doesn’t have a lot to offer about what’s been going on offworld since he’s just been going from rock to rock as he says, but he fits in easily with the group here and even seems to take a liking to Miko right from the start.

Of course, there’s a trick to everything here that seems like more than Starscream would normally be able to come up with since Wheeljack isn’t really Wheeljack. The deception by the Decepticons is pretty slick as they try to find the Autobots base in a way that actually makes sense and would work for the most part if not for a good bit of luck on the Autobots part. There is a lot of fun in seeing Wheeljack hanging out with everyone, but a lot of the fun comes from how Bulkhead treats him and the party that comes up because of it. It’s a moment of levity and fun that’s definitely needed after all that’s happened, but there’s that edge of darkness to it as well because of what’s going on. Granted, everything is dealt with in the space of a single episode, but it’s pretty tight overall and without a lot in the way of unnecessary fluff.

In Summary:
Transformers: Prime runs the risk of introducing too many characters, considering how many there are out there, and doing a new one each would could make the show unwieldy over time. The focus on the core characters has been good, removing Megatron for awhile smart and then doing things like introducing Skyquake but not keeping him shows that nobody is safe in a sense. The introduction of Wheeljack and the way the Decepticons manipulated everything works really well and shows that Starscream’s not a total idiot and does have some good ideas. But like most battles and plans, luck is involved there. Wheeljack has a really good sense of style and he brings some great action to the show, much like Skyquake did, and makes this a fun episode overall.

Grade: B+

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