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The World God Only Knows Season 2 Episode #04 Review

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Haqua continues to work with Keima while connecting with Elsie in new ways.

What They Say:
Keima and the demon girls find the fugitive loose soul in one of the older school buildings. However, the matured loose soul is far more powerful than any of the previous loose souls!! Haqua and Elsie work together to capture the loose soul, but it escapes after taking control of students and using them as a distraction. Haqua yells at Elsie for her mistake and runs after the loose soul by herself…

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The introduction of Haqua in the previous episode managed to avoid some of the usual conventions that come with a friend from the past arriving as she’s not up to the same level as Elsie in terms of Loose Souls, even as Elsie feels like she’s failing horribly. That kind of resentment certainly has its place within Haqua’s heart and makes her meeting with Elsie kind of difficult, though she managed to work past it as she then ended up working closely with Keima who saw right through her. Keima’s ability to both put someone on guard and yet at ease is amusing to watch because he’s able to just say it like it is most of the time, when it suits his purposes at least. What frustrates Haqua the most though is that even though she has made these five captures, she still comes across as completely inept, a fact that makes Haqua feel even worse about how little she’s progressed.

Because of all of these emotions she has, it makes her surprisingly easy to be taken over by the Loose Soul, which is something we at least haven’t seen before. There’s been an interesting mix of girls that have been caught up in it, but Elsie hasn’t succumbed to one so it’s a new angle. And this particular Loose Soul is really quite different since it comes across as a massive cloud like blob that’s taken over quite a few students in the school in order to achieve its goal. Having the power of someone like Haqua makes it far more dangerous than it was before as well. Sadly, the only thing that can really deal with it is Elsie and she’s in such a panic over it because it’s a scary event. While she has managed to capture five Loose Souls, it was more through Keima’s efforts than hers and her lack of confidence continues to be a big problem for her.

While the path the story takes is predictable, it is heartwarming to see the way the two young women do come together in order to overcome their opponent. Both of them have had their issues in becoming the demons that they are, and while they’re not exactly at the places they want to be in life and are surprised by where the other is, they are good friends in the end and having that affirmation is definitely an expected but welcome development. The fun in it comes from watching the two of them actually work together, letting the series show off a little with its choreography and animation as they deal with the massive Lost Soul and the problems its creating. And having Keima just laying there playing his games while it all goes on is priceless, and accurate.

In Summary:
The World God Only Knows is only as good as the guest star that they bring into it for the most part, at least when it comes to the arcs and not the standalone pieces that feature just Keima and Elsie. Those two are key, but if you have a guest star that’s uninteresting, it’s hard to get behind the show. Thankfully, this arc was a lot of fun as Haqua definitely is a character you want to see more of as she added a new angle to things, worked well with Keima in her own way and dealt with the issues between her and Elsie in a way that felt fairly honest and realistic, all things considered. The larger issue here with the Lost Soul again feels a little tacked on, but that’s par for the course with this show and it has enough neat little hooks to it because of the two demons going against it that it didn’t feel as awkward as some other ones do.

Grade: B+

Simulcast By: Crunchyroll

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