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‘Akira’ Gets Repriced Japanese Blu-ray Release

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After Bandai Visual brought out Akira worldwide back in 2009 on Blu-ray, selling thousands and thousands of the bilingual releases to a solid audience at a time when Blu-ray numbers were starting to really grow, the title is getting a new release in Japan courtesy of Geneon-Universal, according to a listing at CD Japan and it’s a region free release and will contain:

English, Japanese

Audio Track
Japanese: DTS HD 5.1ch
Japanese: Dolby Digital 5.1ch
Japanese: Linear PCM 2.0ch Surround
English: DTS HD 5.1ch

According to the page, this is a priced-down re-issue since it’ll be just a hair under 4000 yen: Priced-down reissue on Blu-ray! The landmark Katsuhiro Ohtomo anime film “Akira” features HD New Telecine, 182kHz 24 bit audio, Dolby digital 5.1ch, Linear PCM (2.0ch), and English subtitles and audio. Plot: The story is set in 2019, devastated city “Neo-Tokyo” which was destroyed by a super-bomb during World War III in 1988. One night, a bike gang leader Kaneda, his friend Tetsuo and other gang engage a rival gang in a street fight. In the midst of the fight, Tetsuo crashes into an unusual boy, and gets injured. After a while, the soldiers arrive and whisk Tetuo and the boy away to a laboratory. To help Tetsuo, Kaneda heads into the laboratoy, and gets involved in a government top-secret project “Akira”.

Here’s the trailer that Bandai Entertainment put out back in January 2009:

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