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Welcome To The Fandom Post!

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What a strange and fun journey it’s been to get to this point. After starting back in 1998 on a lark to learn some HTML and write about a format that the majority of people said would never survive, it’s now thirteen years later and I’m moving on to yet another phase in the life. After making that site into something and gaining a lot of knowledge and experience with, I now find myself wanting to apply all of it to all the things I enjoy in life yet going through some refinements in order to be a bit more focused.

The Fandom Post is a natural evolution of a problem I had found myself with back in 2006 at the dawn of the next generation of home video formats as the DVD side wasn’t going to kick forever when covering anime. I had a site that worked very well in name for what I was doing, but things were going to change, which was one reason that shifting into working with Mania made sense since it wouldn’t tie me to the DVD name, as good as it had been to me all the years. With The Fandom Post, anime will definitely dominate, but it allows myself and my fellow reviewers and writers to be able to touch upon other areas of interest, which in turn helps keep our writing about anime and manga fresh. As much as I’m into anime, I originally started with comic books, spent a whole lot of time with toys in the 80’s and then spent a large part of the 90’s working through film exploration before my anime binging, itself something that started in the early 80’s.

With this site, we’re able to do things we wanted to do years and years ago so that if you have a particular interest, you can focus in on it through the various categories we have. Only want to read Blu-ray reviews? There’s a feed for that. Want just the news? Got it covered. Only manga? No problem there. We’ll be building categories out as it goes on as well as things grow orgranically. At the same time, we’ll be sharing our love of other genres and mediums as well, from comics to film and a variety of TV shows, from Transformers: Prime to A Game Of Thrones. Of course, with us covering over twenty anime simulcasts per week, you can expect plenty of coverage there. And with the streamlined system we’ve got here, our articles are going to be a lot more accessible, searchable and timely. With time stamps too.

I’m excited. Very excited. And I look forward to sharing my renewed passions for all these areas with you for years to come. Sign up just to post on the articles themselves, add a forum account to talk about all these areas, plus video games and more, and enjoy the community which has been one of the things that’s been a big part of our endeavors all these years. Find us on Twitter and Facebook as well for more fun and more direct interactions as well.

But most of all, thank you for checking us out. I hope you’ll stay with us.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Fandom Post!

  1. On we go to the next phase. I look forward to continue writing about silly stuff that amuses me on occasion.

  2. Wow, this is definitely different! I have been following you and your websites for about 12 years now. It’s always been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing how this new site of yours comes along 😀

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