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‘Tiger & Bunny’ Japanese Blu-ray Gets English Subtitles

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The high profile series from Sunrise, Tiger & Bunny, has had its Japanese home video solicitation reveal according to this post in the forums and it turns out that the nine volumes for the Blu-ray release will contain English subtitles for it. The show is currently being simulcast by Viz Media to pretty good acclaim from the viewers and comments on the individual episodes and it’s generally being well received by critics also. Viz Media has made no indications that they have any home video rights to this as it may just be a show to help boost awareness of their streaming site rather than any larger sort of plan since the show does not have the words “Bleach” or “Naruto” associated with it.

According to the listing on the first volume at Amazon Japan, it will contain a “Drama CD, Booklet “Monthly Hero” (12 pages)”, will include the unaired pilot video, and the first trailer.  The release will also come with a sleeve case illustrated by Masakazu Katsura, and a special jacket by Kenji Hayama (Character Designer).

Amazon.JP listings:

Volume 1 LE
Volume 2 LE
Volume 3 LE
Volume 4 LE
Volume 5 LE
Volume 6 LE
Volume 7 LE
Volume 8 LE
Volume 9 LE

1 thought on “‘Tiger & Bunny’ Japanese Blu-ray Gets English Subtitles

  1. What fortunate timing. I had just wondered at the AoD panel this Anime Boston if there was ever gonna be a TV anime with English subs on the original JP release, and now it happens! I hope it does well for them.

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