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‘Time Bandits’ To Get Kid Friendly Reboot

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Read it and weep, Time Bandits fans. The movie you saw as a kid is no longer considered kid friendly and is in the works to be made into a big screen kids action franchise, according to Variety. The article talks about a couple of Handmade Films executives are working towards some other projects with their new production company, GFM Films, and they make a casual reference that they’re pushing ahead with this reboot with a Hollywood co-producer. And if that’s not enough, GFM will handle foreign sales for the Seven Arts slate and library, including its upcoming features “The Winter Queen,” starring Milla Jovovich, and Vincenzo Natali’s “Neuromancer,” based on William Gibson’s novel.

Time Bandits, was released way back in 1981 under the direction of Terry Gilliam using a script that he and former Monty Python member Michael Palin wrote. The film turned into a fairly cult movie over the years even though it was financially and critically successful, one coming at the dawn of the VCR where people would share tapes a lot more readily for strange films that didn’t last in the theaters too long since there weren’t too many multiplexes just yet then. It was made for a budget of just $5 million at the time and reportedly brought in just over $42 million. The film has survived well through home video ever since, though the most recent Blu-ray release was, shall we saw, lackluster.

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