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‘Justice League’ Won’t Connect With Other Films

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After word broke that there may actually be a Justice League movie come 2013, a bit more information has slowly come out that points towards the direction I talked about the other day. Over at HeyUGuys, they’ve gotten some comment on the whole thing from Zack Snyder who is gearing up for the Superman movie with Christopher Nolan of the Batman trilogy producing, so he’s pretty tied into things, especially as we’re hearing that Nolan and his wife will be producing the Batman reboot coming up after The Dark Knight Rises finishes out his work.

‘It doesn’t [connect],” Snyder told the site on the red carpet for the London premiere of Sucker Punch, “Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with ‘Superman’, what they’ll do with ‘Justice League’ will be it’s own thing with its own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they’ll kinda get to do it twice, which is kind of cool.”

With this, it makes it pretty clear that certain parts of the DC Universe will be kept separate to some degree. It wouldn’t be the Justice League without Batman and Superman though, and I still think we’ll see them in it with different actors, treating it as part of its own world. With the heavy real world style used in the Batman movies by Nolan, it’s hard to imagine connecting it to something larger. Marvel faces some challenges this year with Thor coming off of the Iron Man features since it goes a bit mystical whereas the Iron Man movies were largely rooted in reality and technology.

Still, we could easily see the Nolan and Snyder Batman and Superman movies treated as their own standalone universes and then kick out a Justice League movie that then pushes Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman into their own features. And what could conceivably tie it all together? How about that little mentioned Green Lantern movie due out this year?

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