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New Digital Comics Day Via comiXology

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New release day for digital comics fans are a bit easier with comiXology now that they’ve introduced their same-day panel to their main app page. Of course, what it does do on weeks like this is to point out how weak the same-day offerings are from the publishers in general as there are only four new books that are out today in print and digital at the same time.

Marvel offers up Captain America and Secret Avengers #1 for $3.99

Archie Comics offers up Jughead #206 for $1.99

Image Comics has Walking Dead #83 as its offering.

And DC Comics offers World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen 35 for $2.99

That said, there are some good things in their new and noteworthy section worth checking out. Marvel has the first issue of 5 Ronin available just a month after print, DC Comics is offering up Jack of Fables #1 for free, Wonder Woman #600 finally gets released in full after providing the preview what seems like ages ago, Gotham City Sirens gets its first issue free and offers up the second issue as well, and Image Comics has Savage Dragon #0 for free. Add in a slew of recent X-titles to the mix and a lot more across the board and there’s a good mix to choose from if you want to fill out your collection. But if you’re like me and just looking for the new stuff, it’s a weak week.

Please note: The offerings can and often are updated throughout the day. This posting is as of this writing with what’s available and it’s done via the iOS offerings only.

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